Mobile and Connected Health

Recent technical advances of sensing, computation and communication on mobile and embedded devices, such as smartphones and wearables, highlights the possibility of pervasive monitoring and unobtrusive diagnostics of various acute or chronic diseases, as convenient yet low-cost alternatives of medical-grade methods without any involvement of clinicians. Our research aims to fully unleash such potential of today’s mobile and embedded devices towards accurate, efficient yet cost-effective solutions to mobile and connected health, by employing modern AI tools and developing new AI algorithms to properly extract biomarkers from the mobile sensory data and provide sufficient interpretability to the extracted biomarkers. Currently, our integrated sensing and AI systems have been widely applied to various clinical applications including pulmonary telemedicine, post-discharge heart failure risk evaluation and mitigation, and orthopedic disease evaluation.

Acoustic Waveform Respiratory Evaluation (AWARE)

The Acoustic Waveform Respiratory Evaluation (AWARE) dataset consists of a group of human airway measurements, produced by our integrated AI and sensing systems for smart pulmonary telemedicine.